Sterling Silver Natural Sea Urchin Pendant

Sterling Silver Natural Sea Urchin Pendant


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This beautiful pendant made with a miniature sea urchin skeleton and sterling silver is a very special natural jewel.
It is a species of sea urchin found on the coasts of Argentina and Chile. Its structure is especially delicate compared to the urchins that we can find in the Mediterranean.

Each hedgehog is hand-picked by me or one of my friends around the world, directly from the beaches and collected in the sand or among the rocks by diving.

These hedgehogs measure approximately 19mm, a relatively rare size since it is much more common to find much larger adult specimens.

The hedgehogs are filled with a polymer that adheres to the internal walls and makes them unbreakable. The exterior texture is natural, without any type of treatment to maintain the natural appearance of the sea urchin skeleton.

The setting and finishing pieces are made of 925 sterling silver. Carefully placed in the two holes of the skeleton, prior to carving the shape to fit the silver pieces.

The photos represent the pendant without any retouching. :)

A silver chain or leather cord is included



This beautiful pendant is made with natural sea urchin shell, tiny one around 19mm (1/2 inches). I fill them with a special material so they become unbreakable while they keep natural texture and finish.

Different species can be available depending on the season, as well different sizes can be done with bigger or smaller urchins, on demands.

The from and the back are finished in 925 sterling polished silver.

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