Sea Urchin Stud Earrings 14k Gold Filled

Sea Urchin Stud Earrings 14k Gold Filled


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These precious earrings made with miniature sea urchin skeletons are a very special natural jewel. Each urchin is hand picked by me or one of my friends around the world, directly from the beaches and picked up on the sand or between the rocks while diving.

These urchins measure approximately 9mm, a particularly rare size since it is much more common to find much larger adult specimens. Here I have paired two small specimens very similar, but not exactly the same. Nature never makes two things the same and that is part of the beauty of these jewels of the sea.

The sea urchins are filled with a polymer that adheres to the internal walls and makes them unbreakable. The exterior texture is natural, without any type of treatment to maintain the natural appearance of the sea urchin skeleton.

The setting and finishing pieces are made of gold-plated 925 sterling silver, and the front finishing plate is a 14-carat gold alloy. Carefully placed in the two holes of the skeleton, prior to carving the shape to fit the pieces.

Each piece is a unique treasure.

*All our hedgehogs are found already dead in the sand.

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This beautiful earrings are made with natural sea urchin shell, tiny ones around 9mm (1/2 inches). I fill them with a special material so they become unbreakable while they keep natural texture and finish.

All our sea urchins are collected by me and my friends around the world, each piece is unique.

The back is finished in 925 sterling silver gold plated. The front is finished in a 14K gold filled bronze disc.

*All our urchins are collected already dead, washed up on the shore.

*You can follow us on Instagram: @stilllifejewel

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